About Chelsea Capital Partners

ChelcapLogoChelsea Capital Partners is an advisory and private equity firm that focuses on distressed investments, special situations, and real estate opportunities. Over the past 30 years, the firm has built a strong portfolio by acquiring and restructuring assets. Targeting commercial real estate with institutional qualities, the experts at Chelsea Capital Partners look for specific criteria in potential investments. Separately, working with consumer-grade opportunities, the firm looks for trade receivables, judgment debt, and credit card debt. In the commercial arena, the team at CCP carefully evaluates opportunities, taking into account the potential of the break-up value when deciding whether to restructure.

In 2007, the firm purchased the Carnegie building in a distressed sale for a very attractive basis. Over the next three years, the company transformed the historic office building into an institutional quality hotel boasting 150 rooms and full-service amenities. In 2010, the property reopened as a Courtyard by Marriott hotel, and two years later, CCP sold the property for approximately $31 million with the highest cost per key exit in Atlanta, GA over the past 5 years and during one of the worst periods for lodging. The Carnegie building stands out as a prime example of the work the experts at Chelsea Capital Partners are able to perform on both limited-service and full-service hotels.


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